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Launch of a Blue Growth Community in the Mediterranean

Comienzo: jueves, 06 de abril de 2017 a las 00:00
Finaliza: viernes, 07 de abril de 2017 a las 00:00




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Blue Growth community in the Mediterranean

Blue Growth community in the Mediterranean


InnoBlueGrowth’s main objective is to ensure the communication and capitalization activities of the “modular” projects (studying, testing and capitalizing projects) dealing with Blue Growth issues in order to increase their impacts towards common identified targets. Its activities are focused on the increase of the transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the Mediterranean area.


To answer the modular projects’ needs, InnoBlueGrowth will implement concrete actions such as a communication strategy, community building initiatives and capitalization events, among others to build a real community of modular projects dealing with Blue Growth. This innovative community will allow the reinforcement of the cross-cutting and integrated approach between modular projects and transnational key stakeholders. This approach is indeed a sine qua non condition to support Mediterranean clusters in their transnational activities processes.

Moreover, InnoBlueGrowth will enhance the dissemination and transferability of the modular projects’ results and will consequently ensure a wider and deeper impact towards external multilevel stakeholders, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the Mediterranean area through innovative investments in the Blue economy.

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