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Biobased Economy Conference "Turning Waste into Value"

Turning Waste into Value

Opportunities for Companies and Research Institutes in the German Capital Region and Europe

el jueves, 27 de abril de 2017 de 08:00 a 17:00


NH Hotel

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 88

Potsdam, Germany

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Turning Waste into Value

Turning Waste into Value

A Biobased economy is perceived as a major cross-sectoral topic and is promoted as a smart specialisation strategy for whole regions and companies. Maximum exploitation of raw materials and value out of waste, intermediates and biobased products – this is what biobased economy is all about!

A favorable approach indeed but what is the added value for companies? What does a biobased economy hold in store for research institutes and especially SMEs? A significant step in the right direction involves the establishment of stronger ties between actors from different sectors. It represent a vital prerequisite to turn promising ideas into tangible business results.


The Cluster Food Industry Brandenburg, Plastics and Chemistry Brandenburg, Tourism Brandenburg as well as the Berlin-Brandenburg Cluster Healthcare Industries have again joined forces with the Enterprise Europe Network to discuss these hot topics in an outcome oriented manner with renowned specialists and experienced entrepreneurs.

During the 2nd. Biobased Economy conference in Potsdam the overall objective is to bring its participants together in a cross-sectoral approach in order to increase their ability to innovate, to use resources more efficiently and to compete with biobased processes and products. Participants will have the opportunity to look into this further and to discuss potential projects and innovative ideas for adaptation in the frame of thematic and participatory formats.


  • Testimonials of experienced entrepreneurs
  • Controversial panel debate
  • Thematic workshops
  • Matchmaking event
  • Panel for funding opportunities
  • Poster sessions
  • Company vists on site

COST: free of charge

REGISTRATION: 20 Jan – 25 Apr


EVENT: 27 Apr

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