Hugo Barros, University of Algarve (Portugal) - Workshop Valencia MER Project

Subida el lunes, 04 de agosto de 2014

Workshop: "Green Industries and Eco-Industrial/Enterprise Zones: Key Issues, Challenges and Opportunities". The workshop followed a similar format to Ignite Model. 21 European experts made a 5 minute presentation each, explaining new trends, projects and opportunities of the Green Industry in the fields of energy efficiency and saving, sustainable management of water and waste, green marketing, renewable energy...

The European Project MER-MARKETING AND GOVERNING INNOVATIVE INDUSTRIAL AREA is based on the value that green marketing and sustainable management of industrial areas could be a key factor to attract investment to Europe. MER aims to identify tools on a long term basis for sustainable and responsible economic development of these areas. Through a "network of networks", share experiences, ideas, opportunities, best practices and perspectives on energy, environment and green marketing tools to contribute also to improving the competitiveness and attractiveness in the context of sustainable growth in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy. www.merproject.eu

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