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IMPACT Growth is the new project from IMPACT Accelerator, one of the top ten accelerator programs in the world.

The startups selected for this three-month acceleration program, led by ISDI and Accelerace, will receive €100,000 equity free as well as training and mentoring and the option to receive private investment from one of our partner investors and VCs: Kibo VenturesAcceleraceInvesdor.

The IMPACT Growth program is de-localized, which means that startups can receive training, mentoring, and funding without having to move to another city or country. Startups can focus their efforts on expanding their business, attending the world’s top startup events, training camps, and networking events in Madrid, Copenhagen, London, Tel Aviv, and more.

After three months of intensive learning and growth, the best startups will move on to a second phase of internationalization. Select projects will be awarded up to an additional €150,000, for a total of €250,000 in equity free funding.

Finally, the four top startups will have the opportunity to receive private funding of up to €1.5 million, led by Kibo Ventures.

IMPACT Growth is designed for startups in the growth stage. The ideal startup:

  • has a product already on the market
  • already has initial investment
  • has established partnerships with corporates or strategic partners
  • is looking to open in new territories in the short term
  • is looking for investment to grow the business
  • is established in Europe or willing to open in Europe before entering the program


Smart cities Use IoT solutions to improve the quality of life for all city residents.

Smart content Create relevant and personalized website content that engages users

Smart agriffod Radically change the way we cultivate, monitor, and distribute food.

Smart manufacturing Enable flexibility in production and distribution to meet the needs of a global market


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