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Build Up!

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Initiative promoted by Ferrovial to strengthen innovation and find new business solutions with startups

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Build Up! It is an initiative that Ferrovial has promoted with the objective of strengthening innovation and finding new business solutions with national and international startups of high potential.

This second edition of "Build Up!" Is also supported by Heathrow Airport and Climate Kic.

THE CHALLENGE: What we are proposing is "How can the impact of disposable plastic bags used to store liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAG) in hand luggage be reduced?"

The WORKOUT DAY: will be in Madrid on November 22, 2018, during this day the participants will have the opportunity to present their solutions. A jury will select the winner who will have the opportunity to work with Heathrow in the conceptualization of a pilot.

THE PRIZE: The project you have won will be chosen from among the five finalists, and then you will be able to mock-up with Heathrow under certain access conditions.

The winning project will have access to: -Possibility of pilot conceptualization with Heathrow.

-Compensation determined by Heathrow to pay the expenses related to the development of the project.

DEADLINE: Until November 3, 2018

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