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EU Award for Innovative Women 2019

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Premio Mujeres europeas Innovadoras

Premio Mujeres Innovadoras

Women are underrepresented in terms of creating innovative companies. This is an untapped potential for Europe, which needs to optimize all available resources to remain competitive and find solutions to our social challenges. This award recognizes the role of women in introducing innovative innovations in the market and honors the outstanding achievements of women entrepreneurs. Innovative companies

The prize will be awarded to a maximum of 4 innovative women in total, who have had the greatest impact on the innovation ecosystem by transforming ideas into new and advanced products and services for the benefit of European citizens.


The contest is open to women from across the EU and countries associated with Horizon 2020, who have:

-founded a successful company and

-brought innovation to the market


This is a cash prize that is awarded each year to European women who founded a successful company and brought an innovation to the market.

3 prizes of € 100,000 each.

Rising Innovator (30 years or less): € 20,000

The award also recognizes a series of finalists who are especially recognized for their excellent track record as women entrepreneurs and innovators.


  • innovative innovation: the company financed / co-financed by the participant provides a cutting-edge product or service
  • Impact: the vanguard product or service brings great benefits for citizens, society and the economy.
  • Inspiration: the contestant has shown active leadership, her role has influenced the success of the company and has the potential to inspire others

DEADLINE: Until January 16, 2019  

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