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EDP Innovaction2017

EDP Innovaction2017

EDP ​​Open Innovation is an acceleration program for the development of new business projects focused on technological innovation and business model innovation in the area of ​​clean technologies in the energy sector.
In partnership with Expreso, this program stems from the alliance between Energia de Portugal and the EDP Innovation Awards (both in Portugal and Brazil).
Taking advantage of this cross-border experience, this year is the time to open applications around the world, with a jury selected from three key Geographies of EDP - Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

EDP ​​Open Innovation is a three-week program to be held in October 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. It is directed to Startups worldwide that are dedicated to issues of energy, technology or derivatives. Among all applications, 15 Startups will be selected to participate in the event.
All air and accommodation expenses will be covered for International Startups.

The winner will receive a prize of € 50,000 plus the incubation opportunity at EDP Starter.
The top three teams will also have the opportunity to present their project at WebSummit 2017 to be held in Lisbon next November.


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