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H2020 Consortium seeks partners to work in the field of optical radiation analysis

Hasta el jueves, 01 de febrero de 2018

During the last 30 years, the University has been dedicated to research and engineering developments, particularly in the fields of environmental protection, photoelectronics, nanometric structures, mining industry, medical equipment, automation, chemical compounds. The developments of the University are applied in the relevant fields of science and technology. Some of the developments are being commercialized. The University is interested in the development of new more reliable research methods and, as a result, in the improvement of the level of safety of life.

Directed to: H2020 DT-FOF-03-2018: Consortium is looking for partners that work in the field of optical radiation analysis from environmental objects. The formed consortium seeks a European coordinator and partners active in the research, testing, design and manufacture of new devices in the field of spectral analysis of the optical signal from the objects investigated.

Program: A University of Armenia intends to present a proposal under H2020 in order to develop and manufacture a selectively sensitive photodetector and a semiconductor spectrophotometer for the detection of impurities and hazardous substances in the environment. The project presents the mixed technology of the creation of a multifunctional light analyzer designed for environmental and scientific applications. For the call H2020 DT-FOF-03-2018, the University offers skills for the development of innovative devices

Deadline for the call: February 22, 2018

Deadline for EoI: 01 February 2018 Place: University of Armenia

Information and registration enter here


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