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The European Entrepreneurial Region (EER)

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Etiqueta (EER) Región Empresarial Europea

Etiqueta (EER) Región Empresarial Europea

The European Business Region (EER) is a project that identifies and rewards regions of the EU that show an outstanding and innovative business policy strategy regardless of their size, wealth and competences. The regions with the most credible, progressive and promising vision plan are labeled "European Business Region" (EER) for a specific year. The EER label has been established in collaboration with the European Commission and is supported by EU stakeholders such as UEAPME, Eurochambres and Social Economy Europe. It remains open to any organization willing to contribute to its objectives.


Regions are defined in the broadest sense, including communities, autonomous communities, departments, Länder, provinces, counties, metropolitan areas, large cities, as well as cross-border territories with legal personality, such as EGTCs and the Euroregions


To be eligible, the applicant must have the necessary political competence to implement a comprehensive policy strategy aimed at incorporating some or all of the principles of the SBA. Cross-border regions are particularly encouraged to submit applications.

DATE: April 17, 2018

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