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Call DIHs Champion Challenge 2019

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Initiative to recognize the two best IHLs

Hasta el domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2019 a las 17:00

The European Commission has convened the Champion Challenge IHL, an initiative with which the Commission wants to recognize the two best IHLs (operational IHLs that are registered in the online catalog) that stand out either for the services they provide or for collaboration strategies They are developing.

DIHs Champions Challenge is a process developed by DIHNET.EU project for its Community of DIHs with the objective to:

  • identify good practices cases of advanced/mature DIHs that others could learn from;
  • identify the DIH champions in the proposed categories;
  • foster future matchmaking opportunities (DIHs finding those with the expertise they need/miss) and
  • help fine-tune information in the DIH catalogue on a regular basis.

The Categories to assess the DIH Maturity for the 2019 Challenge are:

  • Services offered by the DIH to support the digitalisation of SMEs related to ecosystem building, financing, testing, digital Skills development.
  • Collaboration Strategy leading to a number of cross-border technology transfer opportunities or joint investments due to structured and sustainable collaboration, including mechanismssuch as (business models, impact KPIs, Funding mechanisms) and alignment with S3 priorities.

The Champions DIHs will benefit, among others, from:

  • Widespread visibility on the DIHNET.EU website and community platform.
  • Visibility, attendance and awarding at World Class Events.
  • Networking opportunities and the ability to connect with and contact potential partners, stakeholders, investors, member states, regions, etc.
  • Specific guidance and follow up on the topics treated within DIHNET.EU project (business models, pan European collaboration, etc.).
  • Benefit from exhibition areas, such as in the next Stakeholder Forum in November 2019, in Madrid.

The deadline for submitting applications is September 15, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.



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